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Explorers Home Page

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Explorers is the section in Scouting for young people - both boys and girls - aged from 14 to 18.

There are 6 Explorers Units running currently in the South East Berkshire District.  The details of the nights they run and which local area is shown on the Information for Parents page.

There are typically between 10 and 20 young people in each unit and there will usually be a ratio of 1 leader to every 10 young people.

There is a structured programme for Scouts which covers all sorts of interesting activities.

The Scouting UK website explains the Explorer programme in detail if you'd like to know more. There is also a Frequently Asked Questions page which you might find helpful.

Locally we organise a number of District events and activities for Explorers.

We currently have waiting lists at a number of our Explorer Units so please contact us early if you would like to take part. We'd like to be able to offer more spaces but this depends on us finding more leaders. If you think you might be interested in helping please see our Volunteering page for more information.

To find out where the badges should be positioned on the Scout Uniform see here