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WINGS came to Earleywood

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Earleywood was delighted to host a number of groups from “WINGS 2014 Help-It!” Programme on the 4th and 5th August 2014.

On each of these days we had one party in the morning and a one after lunch. In total there were 180 scouts came to work for us.




Each party was accompanied by 2 members of the WINGS team and also a number of the groups brought their leaders with them.

WINGS  had organised a splendid collection of tools and so we were able to set to on a very wide range of tasks suitably equipped.


The groups showed a massive degree of enthusiasm and got on with the tasks in a happy and friendly way requiring only the minimum of supervision.

We had a mixture of nationalities visiting us, but it was especially noticeable how the enthusiasm was ingrained in all the scouts independent of where they came from.

The teams cleared a massive amount of holly and much other rubbish from all over the site, much of which we burnt on day one, creating the hottest fire we can remember witnessing.  Significant areas were grubbed up and leaf mould cleared.

Additionally, preparation work was carried out for the followibng weekend when the plan was to dig and complete a new soak-away.

The teams moved the crates which were to form the soak-away and also all the pea gravel that was to be used to bed down the pipe.  This made the task on Saturday 9th August much easier and helped us to complete it in one day.

It is a pity that we will have to wait another 5 years to welcome some WINGS scouts back to Earleywood. There is no doubt that a group of enthusiastic scouts like these will always be welcome to help us at Earleywood.

Chris Hills, Gerald Hill